For Partners

Western-Harju Partnership is a NGO that is founded with a mission to promote the rural life, support and carry out local initiatives in Western Harju Region in cooperation with local NGOs, entrepreneurs and municipalities.

Western-Harju Partnership is a local action group (LAG) of the European support-scheme LEADER. LEADER has been set up to act as link between European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and the project implementers in the local area. It also means that the LAG has and important role in engaging 3 sectors (public, private and NGO) in setting and accomplishing common goals.

LAG Western-Harju Partnership was founded in 2006 and encompasses 77 members in 2 municipalities with a total population of nearly 20 000 people and territory of slightly over 1000 km2.

One of the significant characteristics of the area is the proximity (ca 30km) to national capital Tallinn. Strategy for the region for years 2014-2020 foresees that it provides high-quality living environment for their citizens and attractive tourism facilities and sites for guests.

As a regional development organization, Western Harju Partnership has 4 main functions:

  • consultation
  • project management
  • monitoring
  • communication

Our strategy for years 2014-2020 is focused on:

  • Boosting entrepreneurship of local people and communities
  • Developing and improving local products and services
  • Strengthening the local identity and cooperation in and between communities
  • Creating safe and neat living and visiting environment
  • Developing a regional marketing strategy and activities
  • Fostering cooperation of the region with national and international partners

We are looking for national and international partners who are have similar goals and are interested in same topics.

Please contact us:

Ede Teinbas

Measure Coordinator

+372 58 085 407